From the Prism of the Arm. Evangelical Bethel church

The educational and cultural centre for the Arm. Evangelical Bethel church has been the "Bethel" school that opened its doors in 1923 ,and had 200 students to start with.

Its founder/manager was a civilized, respected man named Hovhannes Haydostian,who was a man of energy and with a big excitement tried his best to take the school to another educational level. He remained the principal till 1941 facing the worst of conditions.


The first teachers to teach in Bethel School were Ms. Gadarine Guluzian and Mrs. Kudtsi  Balyozian.We can never forget Ms. Gadarine’s  amazing efforts  and services for a period of 45 years for  the school and especially for the Sunday school.

In 1950, thanks to the   school’s  kindergarten’s first  teacher, Ms.Susanna Poladian’s generous donation, they turned the yard into a hall which carries Ms. Poladian’s name till today.later, another floor was constructed upon that hall.

In the suburbs of Shekh Maksud, Bethel had a section for kindergarten classes, that was also used as a place for worship  and a night school, with Mr.Sarkis Malakian as its care giver.

We should not forget the years between  1944-1955, since it was a flourishing period for the educational committee. There were nine classes in the Bethel school, it even reached to 10 classes at some point, and speaking of the educational level, it was as good as the American college.

The students were so active, and they would periodically prepare recitations and present the lives and works of the famous Armenian intellectuals; they even had their own plays, they had a mini magazine  called “dzaghgepunch”/ “ bouquet “ ,and the  “khatchpoor”  periodical  which  was published for three consecutive years. There were football and volleyball teams, they even performed in field celebrations with the help of the athlete  Mr. Levon Apkarian, either inside the school or  on the field of Vasburagan’s athletic union. In the same period, Mr. Nshan Hovhaneesian  -who was  the  principal for two years-had a positive impact  on the students’  cultural activities.

Rev. Lutfi Haydostian, was also the school’s dedicated principal for long years. He also taught religion, music and other subjects  to the secondary classes. For a  period, he was also one of the people in charge in the Chanits, where he-voluntarily- gave music lessons  and put together a  choir that  had many high quality performances. We full heartedly appreciate all his  services and educational efforts.

After 1955, the school became an elementary school, which  continues to function until today.

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