Cooking Course for the Women’s Auxiliary of the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church

The Armenian Evangelical Women’s Auxiliary was delighted to welcome a very special guest speakers; Mr. Hassan Khoja (Member of the Syrian Association for the History of Science and a member of the Antiquities Association, Researcher in the history of food in Syria as well as a Gourmet Nutrition consultant and expert) and Miss Hasmig Kouyoumjian (Specialist in the field of protocol and etiquette as well as a radio and television host), who both in a very efficient, clear and helpful way helped to train the women of the church by letting them realize that eating healthy food is the key to a well-balanced diet and good nutrition. It keeps our bodies working well and helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. During the four-day course, Mr. Hassan Khoja presented the following topics.

- Food and Nutrition

- Food safety

- Food contamination

- Food processing

- Vitamins and minerals

- Diet and health conditions

- Eating disorders

During the Seminar, Miss Hasmig Kouyoumjian presented Communication Skills, Etiquette, Social Skills and Table Manners but mostly focused on the following topics;

* Seating Manners.

*Use and placement of the napkin

*Unusual utensils at the table.

*Body language at the table.

*Dining decorum.

*Good host and guest.

This four-day seminary was held during the second week of October, 2011, 10th-14th, from 10:00 am till 1:00 pm of each day.

 The participants had the opportunity to get close to each other, while sharing moments of discoveries together during the cooking sessions.

 At the end of the seminar the participants received special diplomas from the chair of the Women’s Auxiliary, Mrs. Suzan Apartian, who expressed her words of appreciation to both lecturers and participants by giving them gifts on behalf of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church. The Training sessions came to its close through a prayer of thanksgiving.

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