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Rev. Selimian's meeting with the Minister of Education of Syrian Arab Republic
Rev. Selimian's formal visit to the Syrian Parialment President
Muslim - Christian Dialogue is the only way for peaceful Co-existence
Reception in Honor of Mrs. Ani Aynilian Cholakian
Reopening Ceremony of the Kindergarten of the Arm. Evang. Bethel Secondary School
Rev. Selimian's Visit to Old Age Home
St. Vartanants Celebration
Intercommunal worship for Christian Unity
132th Anniversary of the International of the Christian Endeavor Movement
Meeting with the Permanent Representatives of Syria to the United Nations)
Rev. Haroutune Selimian’s Visit to Mr. Aram Hamparian
Meeting with Archbishop Oshagan Choloyan
Armenian Evangelical Churches of Aleppo Commemorate the 98th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
Armenian Evangelical Churches of Aleppo Commemorate the 98th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church Commemorate the 98th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
Sunday school and Junior High Group Commencement Ceremony
Opening of Bethel Polyclinic
"ARMISS" Conservatory Recital
Commencement and Dedication Services of the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Secondary School
Daily Vacation Bible School
D.V.B.S. Teachers' Appreciation Gathering
Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church celebrates Feast of the Holy Translators
Rededication Ceremony of the Armenian Consulate in Aleppo
Christmas Exhibition by Bethel Church
Community Prayer Service
Christmas Worship Service
Mr. Garen Krikorian’s Visit ot Rev. Harouitune Selimian
Aleppo Maronite Church Archbishop’s Courtesy Visit to Rev. Haroutune Selimian
A Letter of Appreciation & Blessing to the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Secondary School
Geneva 2 Syria Peace-Conference Oratory Festival
A Seminar Dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Secondary School
Intercommunal Worship Service for Christian Unity
H.M.E.M.'s Visit to Rev. Haroutune Selimian
Mayor of Aleppo visits Rev. Haroutune Selimian
Minister of Social affairs of Syria meets Rev. Haroutune Selimian
133rd Anniversary of the Christian Endeavor Union
Mufti of Aleppo Meets Rev. Haroutune Selimian
Christian – Muslim Dialogue
90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church
World Day of Prayer
Charity Exhibition on the Occasions of Teachers' & Mothers' day
Community Prayer Service For Peace In Kessab
Rev. Haroutune Selimian Meets Catholicos Aram I


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