Christian Education Center

We are delighted to announce the establishment of the Christian education Center inside the Bethel Church.A new facility was constructed for the above mentioned purpose and was equipped to serve for all  the requirements. The center has a hall and has three classrooms.

The donation and the official opening of the center took place on April the 26th in 2002, under the auspices of the union’s president –reverend Megerditch Karagozian.

Taking into consideration the importance of the Christian culture in the Arm. Evangelical Church mission, there is a library of literary books, which will serve to help all the members and the other sister Churches as needed. Inside this center, the Sunday school  worships take place, in addition to the Christian Chanits  youth worships  and other Bible study sessions. There are also  courses, the  aim of which  is to graduate well-prepared teachers for the Sunday school, or  future leaders .The center also holds conferences, language and computer  courses, in addition to special lectures for the young couples in order to   mentally  and spiritually cultivate them.

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