"Bethel" Polyclinic


Opening of "Bethel Polyclinic"


Policlinics are intended to offer a far greater range of services than are usually offered by normal general practitioner practices and local health centers. In addition to the traditional services of a clinic, "Bethel Polyclinic" will also offer extended care - not only emergency treatments. It will also offer health-services to prevent diseases as well as treating them. There will be community mental health services and social care, whilst being accessible to a larger community of people. It's, however not a hospital!

When the turmoil started in Syria almost two-and-a-half years ago, a totally unexpected wave of violence took all people by surprise and everybody's life was affected. Yes, the Syrian people had been living a peaceful life with total security for years and years, but this was all changed in a matter of days. Until July 2012 the situation in Aleppo was, however, still less violent than in other parts of the country and we prayed and hoped that this would continue, but the last year has unleashed the powers of evil on our beautiful city and we together with the whole Syrian population are faced with a humanitarian disaster of catastrophic proportions.

Some months ago the Armenian Evangelical Community of Aleppo decided to open "Bethel Polyclinic" to make a real effort to turn the tide of the incredibly dire situation of the people of Aleppo. Recently "Bethel Polyclinic" was ready to receive its first patients, and under the auspices of the Board of Trustees of the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church and under the leadership of the President of the Armenian Evangelical Community, Rev. Haroutune Selimian, the opening ceremony of "Bethel Polyclinic" was held on 23 June, 2013 on the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church's Campus. The ceremony was, as always is the case with events organised by the Armenian Evangelical Church, extremely well prepared and it was honoured by prestigious guests including pastors, laymen, doctors, directors of schools as well as representatives of cultural centers and foundations.

At the beginning of the ceremony the President of the Armenian Evangelical Community in Syria, Rev. Haroutune Selimian made a speech, in which he mentioned that the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church for a long time had had the vision to establish a polyclinic to serve the Armenian community regardless of denomination by assisting those in need of medical care, yes, and also helping patients with chronic diseases in need of long-time medical assistance. The last years' unrest made it imperative to open such a polyclinic. Rev. Selimian likened the ministry of Bethel Polyclinic to that of our Lord Jesus Christ who was always ready to heal every person from all kinds of diseases. Pastor Selimian said. "The Polyclinic of the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church will begin functioning today and will continue its service to the great Syrian Nation for years to come."

After the speech of Rev. Selimian, all people at the function visited the centre and congratulated the Church pastor and the board of Trustees of the Armenian Evangelical Bethel Church for this wonderful achievement, done to assist and support the great people of Syria.

The ceremony ended with a prayer and benediction said by Rev. Haroutune Selimian

We thank God for all His blessings, for His great love and care, for His faithfulness and guidance, and for providing us many opportunities to serve Him.




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